Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cascade River

24"x24" acrylic on canvas

This painting is based on reference from my trip to the North Shore of Minnesota. The river is so beautiful with rich amber colors. The color of the water is fascinating, I was inspired to paint it the moment I saw it.. It is so peaceful along the rivers edge. I could just sit and relax for hours.

Here is a description of why the water has this unique color... The brown color comes from the water that drains out of the swamps and bogs into the river.  The decaying organic matter in the swamps creates humic acid.  This is what colors the water brown. The foam comes from the water tumbling over the rocks and waterfalls.  The aerated water with the humic acid and natural organic matter causes the foam.  Some of the dark color comes from iron deposits located along the river's course.  How do we know it's not pollution?  Because there isn't any development along the 17 miles of the Cascade River.  The Root Beer look of the Cascade River comes from all natural ingredients.

If you love nature and rivers with beautiful waterfalls, I would recommend a trip to the Cascade River State Park. There is so much to see along the North Shore of Minnesota. Here is a link for park info


  1. Hello Brad:) Beautiful painting. Especially the part in the front. The water looks so clear. Great job!

  2. Brad, su trabajo es de una indudable valía. Me ha sorprendido el dominio de la luz y el color, también un dibujo envidiable.
    Saludos cordiales.