Friday, February 8, 2013

Hooded Merganser

6"x6" acrylic on canvas

I was inspired to paint this bird after seeing it on a nature show on TV. The bird has beautiful markings. This duck has the funniest mating call. It puffs up its head and shakes it to get the attention of the females. My family and I visited Cosley Zoo and I was thrilled to see and take reference photos of this duck.


  1. This is really lovely, Brad: just the right amount of detail while leaving areas unfinished for a fresh and energetic appeal for your technique.

  2. I so love this painting. I do a lot of seagull and really enjoy painting the feathers especially. Fun but not easy! You really nailed it:)

  3. Yes, you really did nail this painting, Brad. Just beautiful! It makes me want to visit Cosley Zoo because it's been way too long.

    1. Thank you Janelle! I would recommend a trip. It has changed a bit. They now have the new bobcat exhibit.

  4. What a beautiful bird, Brad!!! Stunning colors!!!
    and I LOVE your previous painting of the wolf!!! Beautifully painted!