Saturday, February 11, 2012


8"x10" acrylic on masonite
Photo reference provided by Amber Legras

I decided to keep this painting very loose other than the detail in the face. I also enjoy letting the underpainting appear in areas of the painting.

Most of the time my paintings have to grow on me. I may not be happy with them when I finish, but love them later... The tricky part is knowing when to stop or to keep going. It is so easy to overwork it. Because of this, I like to take frequent breaks and step away, or post my progress on facebook. Not only to share it, but to study it.


  1. You continue to push your boundaries to greater works. I really love the perspective and strokes in this one.

  2. Your brush work has so much energy. Adds a whole other dimension to the painting. And the colours just sing. Great job.

  3. Wow, Brad this may be my favorite so far. The paint is applied wonderfully and the lion has so much character. This one makes me happy for you.

  4. Brad, this is one of my favorites too- You are really on a painting roll-excellent!

  5. Thats a great painting and some great advice about not overworking, stepping away and taking a look... How do you prep the masonite? Where do you buy it?

    1. Thank you Katherine! I buy the masonite or sometimes clayboard at the art store. Hobby Lobby has a masonite/art board that is much more affordable. You can also go to the home depot and buy larger sheets of masonite, cut them to size and then prime and sand them yourself. Another option is to purchase the masonite that has a white finish on one side from the home depot and lightly sand it.

      What I love about the masonite is that the surface is so smooth. The brush just glides over the surface and you can accomplish many effects that you can't on canvas. Its also great for traveling or for plein air painting because 3 or 4 masonite boards equal the thickness of 1 canvas. So you can carry more and paint more...

  6. This is so beautifully painted, Brad!! Great pointer you gave to Katherine! I love the color and the light hitting this gorgeous animal!! You knew exactly when to stop!!

  7. I love this lion painting, Brad! The variations of brush stokes add a lot of interest and the color choices are superb. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Amazing personality you have nurtured in this painting...lovely.