Friday, February 3, 2012

Heading Out

12"x16" acrylic on masonite

Last fall my family and I watched a horse show at the Danada Fall Festival in Wheaton, IL. A portion of the show was of about a dozen cowboys shooting targets on horseback. It was an amazing show and I was fortunate enough to get some great reference photos. Ever since, I have wanted to do a painting and I have finally gotten around to it. I really enjoyed painting the clothing and all the highlights. I also had fun making up the background and using my imagination a bit. I am very pleased with the results.

Below are a few close ups of the cowboy and the horse...


  1. Wow Brad you should very pleased with the results! What a beautiful painting. The clothes of the cowboy look so real and the muscles of the horse also! Great great painting!

  2. That's awesome Brad! The colors are especially rich and vibrant. The cowboy looks a bit like you I think! I like the Stella painting below too!

  3. Okay, Brad! This is so amazing and beautifully painted. I love the sheen on the horse and the folds of the material on the cowboy!! Wonderful details.!